General Information

Entry fees

Registration fee of R 1200-00 per child.
NB: Payable on date of registration to secure admission.
All stationery, educational toys, puzzles, etc., plus toiletries are purchased
with registration money and thus there are no hidden cost at Brainy Bunch.

Deposit of R 3200-00 (equal to one month’s school fee) payable on or before first day of admission to Brainy Bunch, which is kept in an account to provide either for December school fees or a notice month in case where a child is taken out of Brainy Bunch during the year.

TV Room

School hours

Full day from Monday to Friday:                        07h00 to 17h30     
(This include school holidays except for December)

Note: The school officially closes at 17h30.
Should this time be overstayed a levy is payable with immediate effect at the following rates:
After 17h30 but before 17h45   -  R60-00
After 17h45 but before 18h00   -  R100-00
After 18h00 – R100-00 plus R100-00 for every hour or part thereof after 18h00. (For example at 18h15 the fee will be R200-00)
No exception will be made!!

The formal school programme starts strictly at 08h00 every day.

School fees

R 3200-00 per month payable strictly on or before the 4th of each month.
NB: Strictly no cheques accepted. Cash or electronic transfers only.

No casual or part-time attendence are offered at Brainy Bunch

Extracurricular items available from 2 years old upwards

Froggie swimming
Soccercise Stars
Computer skills

ClassroomBee Classroom

Urgent notes on school fees and attendance

School fees are payable for 11 months only (Jan to Nov) because the deposit payable on entry will be utilised for December school fees and/or for school fees for a notice month when a child leaves the school during the run of the year. Payment must be made strictly as in paragraph 3 above!!
(NB! In the case where notice is given after  01 October of a specific year, school fees are still due for November because the deposit will be utilized  for December. In other words the deposit will only be utilized for a notice month up to and including October of each ear.)
School fees are payable monthly in full (except for December), irrespective of the child being absent for whatever reason such as holiday, illness, etc.

Written notice of one full calendar month must be given when a child is withdrawn from the school.

Fees for casual attendance is payable in advance per month or on a daily basis at submission of a child to the school.

Banking details for  direct cash deposits (NO CHEQUES!) or electronic payment:
E. van Rooyen
Current account number 4053264792
Bank code 33 64 45

Note: Please always put a reference on any deposit slip or electronic payment e.g. a child’s name and surname.

What parents/guardians have to supply

A small blanket for every baby or toddler.

2 x bottles formula or milk (if applicable)
2 x bottles tea or juice
2 x bottles water
Baby porridge (cooked porridge supplied by Brainy Bunch)
Set of fresh clothes (just in case)

Juice bottle/cup where applicable
Extra set of clothes

Baby Room

NOTE: Children are not allowed to bring own toys or sweets to school!!
Mark your child’s clothes, bottles, shoes, blanket, etc. well before sending/bringing it to Brainy Bunch.



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